100 Stories for 100 Years

At a Glance: 

Helen Keller International staff, supporters and partners share their stories about the people who define our organization and the impact of our work. 

Helen Keller International recently celebrated its Centennial Anniversary. In addition to a host of exciting commemorative events taking place in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Untied States, our global team members have taken on the challenge of sharing 100 stories about the important work that we do and the impact it is having on hundreds of millions of lives each year.  These stories will put a spotlight on the people that define Helen Keller International  the people we work for, our partners and supporters, as well as our amazing staff. 
Check back each week as we add new stories to this page. We also invite you to share your own HKI story with us at stories@hki.org.  
A high school student in Queens, NY, shares how ChildSight® has given him access to clear vision, which has allowed him to excel in school. 
Chairman Howard Cohn of HKI-Europe shares a story about performing magic tricks for a group of doctors and children in Hanoi, Vietnam. 
HKI-DRC's Marguerite Joseph discusses her experience meeting village mothers who were taking the initiative to bring their children to health centers for vitamin A and deworming capsules. 
Noelle Williams shares the stories of two girls who were provided with prescription eyeglasses from ChildSight® to correct their severe vision problems. 
Howard Cohn, Chairman of HKI-Europe, discusses how HKI partnered with a number of INGOs in an effort to treat preventable blindness in Vietnam. 
Dan Fiedler discusses the notable efforts of HKI staff to save the sight and lives of the world's most vulnerable and disadvantaged. 
HKI Board member Kate Ganz shares how she was deeply struck by an encounter she had with a mother in an impoverished village in Niger. 
HKI has teamed up with TOMS to prevent the spread of Neglected Tropical Diseases by providing shoes to over 300,000 children in Sierra Leone. 
Douglas Steinberg shares three photos of women in Mali completing their daily activities during the harvest season, and discusses how HKI programs have been helping their communities to thrive. 
ChildSight® Director Nancy Prail discusses how the program has adapted over the years to allow students to express their individuality. 
Prateek Gupta shares how a village woman in Indonesia is able to earn an income from selling the vegetables she grows in her yard.