U.S. Vision Programs

The Challenge

80 percent

of what a child learns is through their eyes.

One in four children in the United States will experience vision problems before they finish high school.  Yet for thousands of children living in poverty in the United States, access to quality vision care remains out of reach and they are forced to face each day without clear vision.


Our Solution

Our U.S. Vision Programs provide free in-school vision screenings and new prescription eyeglasses to children in high-poverty communities in California, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Wisconsin.  The program fills a critical health services gap for children with limited to no access to quality basic health or vision care services.

We go directly into schools to screen students for vision disorders and work closely with school administrators and nurses to ensure high-quality services.  A licensed optometrist then determines the proper eyeglass prescription for those children in need of vision correction. 

Each student selects their own frames from a wide variety of trendy styles — after all, if kids don’t like their glasses, they are not likely to wear them!  The new eyeglasses are delivered to schools within one to two weeks.

We also identify children with potentially more serious vision disorders and provide them with a referral to a local community eye care provider for free or low-cost treatment.

Our refractive error programs also serve thousands of children each year in Asian countries with high rates of undiagnosed and uncorrected vision problems in children.