Our Impact

Helen Keller International currently has more than 120 programs that reach millions of people each year in 20 African and Asian countries, as well as in the United States.

Part of our work is focused on preventing blindness and vision loss by providing better access to basic eye care services like prescription eyeglasses and cataract surgery; screening and treatment for diabetic retinopathy; vitamin A supplementation for young children at risk of malnutrition; and prevention and treatment of neglected tropical diseases.

We are also dedicated to reducing malnutrition, especially for women and children. Our programs promote positive nutrition practices for mothers and young children; ensure the fortification of staple foods like wheat flour and cooking oil with essential nutrients; help reduce instances of vitamin A deficiency through supplementation for children under five; improve food security for impoverished communities through family-led agricultural practices; and build the capacity of local health workers to manage cases of acute malnutrition in their communities.  

Through our work, we provide access to resources and education for under-served communities, professional training for doctors and health workers, and a voice for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged through advocacy at the government level. We also conduct extensive research and evaluation of our programs to ensure that the solutions we provide are effective.

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Knowledge Resources
Learn more about Helen Keller International’s evidence-based approaches by reviewing our technical publications across eye health, nutrition and neglected tropical diseases.
Helen Keller International reaches tens of millions of people each year through its vitamin A supplementation programs and collaborations with governments and the private sector to fortify staple foods.