ChildSight's Impact and Testimonials

Of CA students surveyed in 2017:

99% stated that their new glasses helped them with their schoolwork

Of Ohio students surveyed in 2017:

86% stated that they liked their new glasses.

Of Connecticut students surveyed in 2017:

80% reported wearing their new glasses “sometimes” to “all the time.”

Of California teachers surveyed in 2017:

100% have seen an improvement in grades in those students who received eyeglasses from HKI.

Of New Jersey teachers surveyed in 2017:

94.11% heard positive comments or reactions from the students after they received glasses from HKI.

Of New York teachers surveyed in 2017:

81% saw an improvement in class participation among students who received glasses from HKI (e.g., raising their hands, completing homework, actively listening)

100% of the school liaisons surveyed in NY, CA, CT and NJ felt that HKI filled a critical gap in eye health services. 99% of school liaisons in Ohio agreed.


In the words of the students we've served:


“I feel confident and smart. And I love the color. I got the best glasses ever!!”

Jocelyn, 4th grade
PS65 The Raymond York School

“I feel new and amazing. I love my glasses!”

Eshannie, 4th grade
PS65 The Raymond York School

“It is nice how people care about one another, so thank you for the glasses.”

Kimble, 6th grade
St. Peter & Paul School

“Thank you, I can see!”

Joro, 8th grade
St. Peter & Paul School

“I can see better and scan better. They’ll probably help my grades…I’m getting fancy ones that look like sunglasses. I can’t wait until they come.”

PS76 A. Phillip Randolph School