New York

Our largest program, ChildSight® New York, serves public middle and high schools as well as several parochial middle schools in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. In the 2011-2012 academic year, the New York program screened a total of 40,245 students and delivered 8,684 pairs of eyeglasses, free of charge, to students in the targeted boroughs.

Building on our success serving public and parochial schools, ChildSight® continues to serve students attending GED/alternative learning programs, which targets adolescents who have derailed from the traditional school setting. This past year, ChildSight® New York screened 1,087 GED/alternative learning students and provided 286 pairs for free eyeglasses to students who needed them, underscoring the significant need for vision care services among this marginalized population.

The positive effects brought on by new eyeglasses provided by ChildSight® New York is most often heard in the words of the program's beneficiaries:

 “Your program has enabled our students to actually see! The valuable service of providing adolescents with eyeglasses is absolutely amazing! You cannot imagine the number of students who can now perform better in school…We appreciate the fact that you are a part of our village and are always willing to contribute to the success of our young people.”
– Ms. Green, Principal, New Preparatory Middle School 8Q, Queens, NY 

“Thank you so much for my new glasses. It feels so good to see and to look cute at the same time. School will be so much easier now that I won’t get a headache from straining my eyes.”   
– Student, Beth Jacobs School, Brooklyn

“Thank you so much for these great glasses.  They fit me perfectly and are helping me read the board better than before.  You have my thanks and a prayer that you will help kids get free glasses for years to come.”
– Student, Most Precious Blood School, Brooklyn

“To the staff of Helen Keller [International]: you have brightened their [students’] world. Thank you so much. What you have done has really made a difference in the lives of our children.”
– Teacher, IS 61, Brooklyn

Please click here for a detailed description (PDF) of the New York program.