In the 2011-2012 academic year, ChildSight® Connecticut screened 6,835 public middle-school students in Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven and New London. Of these, we provided free corrective eyeglasses to 1,712 students. As the gap in access to health and vision care services between Connecticut's affluent and most poverty-stricken populations continues to widen, HKI is working to ensure our services remain strong in Connecticut, which boast a 25% rate of refractive error in the children seen through the program this past year.

Launched in 2000, ChildSight® Connecticut has now provided over 85,240 screenings and over 18,864 pairs of eyeglasses in need. By providing preventive and corrective vision services to low-income, underserved children, ChildSight® seeks to improve their eyesight, their academic potential, and their future vocational opportunities. 

The impact of the program is aptly articulated in the words of our beneficiaries:

"Many of my scholars were previously unable to see the board and read aloud or complete assignments displayed there because of sight issues. When they wear the glasses, they are much more likely to participate (and be robbed of the excuses that come from having a hard time seeing the assignments!)"
--Teacher, New London

“There are students who could not see their work.  Progress was at minimum-now there is more work getting done, more confidence, less complaints.”
Teacher in New Haven

“I think it's an excellent program, some of my students could not afford glasses and your help enabled them to get them.”
Teacher in New Haven

“Students who have always struggled to see the board, are now able to.  This makes a big difference considering most instruction is on the board.”
-- Teacher in Bridgeport

Please click here for a detailed description (PDF) of the Connecticut program.