Launched in 1998, ChildSight® Los Angeles serves public middle-school students in the Montebello, Hawthorne, Lawndale, Los Angeles, Lennox and Inglewood School Districts. In past summers, ChildSight® has served children at the Boys & Girls Clubs of East Los Angeles, Boyle Heights, Hollywood, Watts-Willowbrook, Whittier and Long Beach.  Since its inception in 1998, the Los Angeles program has provided over 216,000 vision screenings and close to 22,000 pairs of free prescription eyeglasses to schoolchildren in need.

Thanks to the support of our wonderful donors in Los Angeles this past year, in the 2011-2012 academic season, ChildSight® Los Angeles provided 15,637 free vision screenings and 2,210 pairs of free eyeglasses to students within greater Los Angeles. ChildSight® thrives on its ability to deliver a cost-effective solution that has a tremendous impact on the population served.  

The following comments highlight the impact of the program:

“The glasses provided by ChildSight have allowed one of my students to see more clearly during class and throughout his day. His confidence has improved because he is better able to participate in class. He looks more focused and happy. Prior to receiving his new glasses he looked tired. Now he looks more energetic. I believe his glasses have improved his self-esteem.”
Mrs. Arguello, Language Arts, Montebello Unified School District

“This is one of the greatest programs we have available to us. Kudos to all of you – you truly make a huge difference in the world.”
Mrs. Rosa, English/ History, Lennox Unified School District

“Many visuals are used to help strengthen the understanding of the academic vocabulary. A specific example of a student who benefitted from the program sat in the front of the class and still struggled with seeing the details of the visuals. The student could not be moved any closer to the front of the class and it was apparent they required glasses. After receiving their glasses, the student’s interest in the subject matter increased as well as their grades and understanding of the subject matter.”  
Mr. Pencille, Physical Science, Lawndale Elementary School District

“Thank you for providing our needy students with the gift of great vision. Your generosity and support is really making a difference in their performance in school.”
Mrs. Pulido, Math, Lennox Unified School District

“Before I couldn’t see the board and now I can. I can see everything. Thanks!!!”
Barbara, 7th Grade, Lawndale Elementary School District

“With my glasses I have the confidence to go anywhere or else I would be scared because I can’t see anything. I really like my ChildSight eyeglasses. They give me a better life. They help me at school and outside of school.”
Thaovi, 8th Grade, Lawndale Elementary School District