Program Partners

As part of the global scientific community working toward public health issues, HKI contributes to existing knowledge through research activities built into its technical assistance programs. The scientific program-related research leads to the development of sustainable public health strategies and to the support of national governments in developing their capacity in specific technical areas.

As an international technical agency, HKI works to benefit populations worldwide by focusing its technical resources on developing evidence-based practices. Toward this end, HKI has established close contacts with leading universities, organizations and institutions to enhance our work or to ensure independent review of our field research.

We engage in a regular dialogue with scientists in the fields of nutrition and public health, and we collaborate with a number of universities, including:

Cornell University
HKI has established a close relationship with researchers from Cornell University (Ithaca, New York, USA) for an in-depth analysis of socioeconomic and anthropometric data collected through HKI's nutrition surveillance systems in Bangladesh and Indonesia, to contribute to the understanding and assessment of food insecurity.

Johns Hopkins University
HKI has a long-established relationship with Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland, USA). When HKI started working in Indonesia and provided technical assistance to the Nutritional Blindness Prevention Project in the 1970s, the organization was represented by Dr. Alfred Sommer of JHU. Since then, JHU and HKI have collaborated on HKI’s program-related research and surveillance projects in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Tanzania. HKI's current Senior Ophthalmologist and Eye Technical Adviser, Dr. David S. Friedman, is on faculty at JHU.

Tufts University
HKI collaborates with scientists from Tufts University (Boston, Massachusetts, USA) in designing the collection and analysis of economic data from nutrition surveillance systems.

University of California, Davis
HKI has strong ties with researchers at the University of California at Davis (Davis, California, USA). Both faculty and students of the Program in International and Community Nutrition (PICN) are involved in the implementation and evaluation of programs for national and regional food fortification in Africa. The PICN also collaborates with HKI to produce its quarterly newsletter, Nutrition News for Africa.

Wageningen University
HKI maintains close contacts with Wageningen University (Wageningen, The Netherlands). In the past, HKI has accommodated students who wanted to gain experience in working in nutrition in developing countries by providing on-the-job training for graduates in nutrition and epidemiology.