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September 22, 2011 -
Hope In The Face Of Hunger: Women, Micronutrients, Conservation Could Fend Off Food Insecurity

Lynne Peeples covers a panel discussion hosted by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on the topic of "strengthening global agriculture to fend off future food crises" that was held in conjunction with United Nations General Assembly and the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting.

Kathy Spahn, Preident and CEO of Helen Keller International was on the panel that discussed a range of solutions, "from a greater focus on women, micro-nutrients and environmental sustainability, to creating less waste."

"Kathy Spawn [sic] added that women are more likely to use the funds to purchase nutritious foods for her children. Of course, women may not always have enough money or knowledge to fulfill that goal. To save money, they may purchase cheaper staple foods that deprive their families of the nutrients essential to children's growth and health."


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