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July 21, 2011 - Press Release
Former President Elects to Fight Childhood Malnutrition in West Africa

António Manuel Mascarenhas Gomes Monteiro aims to help combat childhood malnutrition in West Africa through his new role as Nutrition Advocate. The former President of Cape Verde will advocate directly with leaders of West African nations to encourage them to place nutrition at the heart of development strategies and advise on approaches to secure policy focus.

Each year around 600,000 children under five in the region die from causes related to malnutrition, as the condition contributes to 35 per cent of all the child deaths in the region.

"I am extremely happy to be joining this effort to bring home what this issue means to the future of children and our countries," said Mr. Monteiro. "Children who do not receive the right type of food and nourishment fall sick more often. When they survive, they can suffer from irreversible mental and physical impairment. Yet much more can be done at all levels to make sure this does not happen, and to head off food emergencies that involve thousands of personal tragedies."

Watch this video about the intiative with interviews with President Monteiro and HKI's Shawn Baker.

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