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July 1, 2011 - The New York Times
"An African Adventure, and a Revelation"

Nicholas Kristof reflects on his whirlwind trip through five countries with the winners of his "win-a-trip" contest.  Much of the time he was accompanied by HKI's Shawn Baker and Doug Steinberg.

He concludes that, "Africa appears to be turning around," and this trip has left him hopeful that the continent will be a "more important part of the global economy in the 21st century — a place to admire, not to pity."

Much of the "effervescent" progress Kristof chose to single out is areas in which HKI is actively involved: 

"There has been a backlash in recent years against exaggerated claims about the impact of humanitarian aid. It’s true that aid groups sometimes make the conquest of poverty seem a simpler and more certain endeavor than it is. It’s also true that because of initiatives like food fortification — and vaccinations and vitamin A supplementation and many others — child mortality is tumbling in the developing world."

He also discuss the elimination of Onchocerciasis as a threat, the reduction in mother-to-child HIV/AIDS transmission, the need for more family planning, and how stifling bureaucracies are thwarting growth.

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