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March 24, 2011 - The Economist
Hidden Hunger: How much can farming really improve people's health?

A recent meeting in Delhi organized by the International Food Policy Research Institute brought together politicians, scientists, activists and public health professionals (including HKI's Victoria Quinn) to discuss whether farming can do more to improve nutrition.

Much was presented and discussed regarding why agriculture does and does not have and impact on nutrition. HKI's Homestead Food Production program was highlighted as a success story:

"The success stories are instructive. In 1990 a charitable organisation called Helen Keller International started to encourage market gardens in Bangladesh, providing women (mostly) with seeds and advice. By 2003 (the year of the latest available research), four-fifths of families in the target area had gardens, against 15% in the whole country. Almost all women and children were eating green vegetables three times a week, compared with only a third beforehand. And vitamin A intake had soared. Projects like this work because they improve what people like to eat anyway."

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