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July 26, 2010 -
"BURKINA FASO: Boost for garden drip irrigation"

Helen Keller International’s Enhanced Homestead Food Production (EHFP) Gardening Officer in Burkina Faso, Olivier Vebamba, was recently interviewed by IRIN about drip irrigation kits that HKI is distributing to families in eastern Burkina Faso as part of our EHFP program.

In anticipation of the dry season, the drip irrigation system will enable families to continue to tend to their home gardens, ensuring they will grow and eat nutritious foods.

HKI’s country director in Burkina Faso, Ann Tarini, went on to say, “Lack of water is a significant problem in Burkina. Water points are few and distant, the water table is low - and lower in the dry season - and people’s needs increasingly compete with animals’ needs.”

In a previous trial, the major advantage to drip irrigation was water conservation; for a garden of 20 square meters the drip irrigation kits used 40 liters of water per day, while 240 liters is needed with the watering cans villagers normally use.