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December 10, 2009 - Press Release
Eye Doctor's "Vision" Benefits HKI with $10,000 Grant

New York, NY - When Dr. Leonard Bertoli of Melrose, Massachusetts decided to take up digital photography as a hobby, he never thought his pastime would have an impact on people living halfway around the world.

But that’s exactly what happened. In early November, Dr. Bertoli was named the first prize winner of the Transitions Optical, Inc. "Live Your Vision" contest. Transitions created this national promotion to encourage dialogue between eyecare professionals and patients about the importance of eye health and the vital role vision plays in every day life. The grand prize was $10,000 for the photographer and $10,000 for the winners’ charity of choice, and Dr. Bertoli generously chose Helen Keller International as the benefitting charity.

"I challenged myself to make the most good out of the prize money and was impressed with how Helen Keller [International] spends its resources and its overall efficiency," Dr. Bertoli explained. He was particularly struck by one statistic he saw on the HKI website that for $1 per year, a child will receive all the vitamin A he or she needs to prevent vitamin A deficiency. Dr. Bertoli further explained, "this was very powerful to me, that meant the $10,000 prize could help HKI help 10,000 children this year."

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