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October 31, 2009 - The Lancet
"The undernutrition epidemic: an urgent health priority"

This editorial discusses how the international community must figure out a way to implement a “fair and reliable global food supply and delivery” to curb the undernutrition epidemic plaguing a sixth of the world’s population.  Despite previous initiatives, people around the world are continuing to die for lack of enough food.  The issues isn’t a lack of food, but rather that there aren’t reliable and efficient ways to get food to those most in need. 

Poor families are most affected, and the current cost of food is only exacerbating the problem. “To survive, poorer families have to make compromises, such as sacrificing health care, or simply eating less. And because of the concurrent economic crisis, there are few national food safety nets, such as school feeding programmes.”  It is imperative that the something be done now, before the crisis gets any worse.