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May 5, 2009 - Press Release
HKI Launches Food Fortification in Cameroon

Yaoundé, Cameroon - Helen Keller International, in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health of Cameroon, launched the national food fortification program in Cameroon today. The National Steering and Coordination Technical Committee for Food Fortification with Micronutrients, which was formed in December, 2008, is spearheading the activities.  The Ministry of Health conducted the launching ceremony in the presence of guests and committee members representing the diverse partner organizations involved, including the Ministries of Public Health, Basic Education, Commerce, and Scientific Research and Development; the Centre Pasteur of Cameroon; private sector and industry representatives; consumer organizations; the National Ethical Committee; and United Nations and international non-governmental organizations, such as the WHO, UNICEF, and HKI.

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