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April 6, 2006 - Press Release
HKI President Kathy Spahn reflects on the life of Susan Pettiss

Dr. Susan Pettiss, who passed away in February 2006, worked tirelessly to help others through her involvement with several international social service agencies, including Helen Keller International. As HKI's Director of Blindness Prevention from 1972-1982, she helped raise awareness about nutritional blindness and the role of vitamin A in combating it, and helped pioneer the distribution of vitamin A capsules in numerous countries. From 1986-2002, Dr. Pettiss served as HKI's senior advisor providing valuable guidance to the organization as it refined and expanded its vision. Dr. Pettiss received the Spirit of Helen Keller award in 1989. HKI's President Kathy Spahn reflects on her life.

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