Nutrition News for Africa 2011

December 2011
Plasma retinol-binding protein predicts plasma retinol concentration in both infected and uninfected Cameroonian women and children.
  Engle-Stone R,  Haskell MJ,  Ndjebayi AO, Nankap M, Peerson JM, Erhardt JG, Gimou M-M, Brown KH. J Nutr 141: 2233-41, 2011.
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November 2011
1) Anemia in low-income and middle-income countries. Balarajan Y, Ramakrishnan U, Ozaltin E, Shankar AH, Subramanian SV. Lancet ePub ahead of print: DOI:10.1016/S0140-6736(10)62304-5, 2011. 

2) Mapping the risk of anemia in preschool-age children: the contribution of malnutrition, malaria, and helminth infections in West Africa. Soares Magalhaes RJ, Clements ACA. PLoS Medicine 8:e1000438, 2011.
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October 2011
Prevalence and trends of stunting among pre-school children, 1990-2020.
  de Onis M, Blössner M, Borghi E.  Public Health Nutr, Jul 14: 1-7, 2011 [e-pub].
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September 2011
New World Health Organization guidelines concerning vitamin A supplementation for women and young children.

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August 2011
Exclusive-breastfeeding promotion by peer counselors in sub-Saharan Africa (PROMISE-EBF): a cluster-randomised trial. 
Tylleskär T, Jackson D, Meda N, Engerbretsen IMS, Chopra M, Diallo AH, et al for the PROMISE-EBF Study Group.  Lancet 378: 420-427, 2011.
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June 2011
Screening for acute childhood malnutrition during the National Nutrition Week in Mali increases treatment referrals.
  Nyirandutiye DH, Ag Iknane A, Fofana  A, Brown KH.  PLoS ONE 6: e14818. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0014818, 2011.
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May 2011
Acceptability and feasibility of WHO recommendations for feeding infants born to HIV-infected mothers during the first year post-partum in Burkina Faso.
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April 2011
Repositioning children’s right to adequate nutrition in the Sahel: Results of a Situational Analysis
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March 2011
1) A review of phytate, iron, zinc, and calcium concentrations in plant-based complementary foods used in low-income countries and implications for bioavailability. Gibson RS, Bailey KB, Gibbs M, Ferguson EL. Food Nutr Bull 31: S134-S146, 2010.

2) The adequacy of micronutrient concentrations in manufactured complementary foods from low-income countries.
Gibbs M, Bailey KB, Lander RD, Fahmida U, perlas L, Hess SY, Loechl CU, Winichagoon P, Gibson RS.  J Food Comp Analysis 24: 418-426.
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February 2011
The household food insecurity access scale and an index-member dietary diversity score contribute valid and complementary information on household food insecurity in an urban West-African setting. Becquey E, Martin-Prevel Y, Traissac P, Dembélé B, Bambara A and Delpeuch F; J Nutr 140: 2233-2240, 2010.
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January 2011
In a randomized controlled trial of iron fortification, anthelminthic treatment, and intermittent preventive treatment of malaria for anemia control of Ivorian children, only anthelminthic treatment shows modest benefit.  Rohner F et al; J Nutr 140: 635-641, 2010.
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