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Trick or Treat, HKI-style

Happy Halloween

For those of you still scrambling for the perfect Halloween costume, I have a great last-minute suggestion: dress up as your favorite micronutrient! Just because your Halloween candy may not have nutritional value, doesn’t mean your costume can’t.

Below are some costume ideas from HKI staff that embody an essential vitamin or mineral:


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Training Health Workers in Turkana

HKI helps implement a program providing daily food rations to those in need
Health worker in Turkana

This post was written by Jessica Blankenship, Ph.D., Helen Keller International’s Regional Micronutrient Advisor.

It is only a two-hour flight to Lodwar in the Turkana District of Kenya from Nairobi; however the differences between the two cities are striking. Lodwar is the capital of the arid district of Turkana, and the only reliable method to reach the town is by air as the roads leading from Nairobi have been battered by seasonal rains and years of neglect. Despite being the largest district in Kenya, Turkana is sparsely populated; bordered by the countries of Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia, it is mostly populated by pastoralists who graze their goats and camels on the sandy soil.


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