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Partnerships in Action: Deworming Day in Cambodia

Helen Keller International and Children Without Worms work together to treat and prevent intestinal worms in at-risk, school-aged children.
Cambodia Kids

This post was written by Kim Koporc, director of Children Without Worms. She also blogged about school-based deworming for ABC News’ “Be the Change: Save a Life.”

A month ago, I had the privilege of working with Zaman Talukder, Len Wanak and Hou Kroeun of Helen Keller International at the Chung Ruk primary school in Pnom Penh, Cambodia. We were there to oversee a “deworming day” – a day when children receive deworming medication and learn the importance of hygiene and sanitation in an effort to treat and prevent intestinal worms. What made this trip different was that this time, I went with a crew to produce a film, which was shown at this year’s Global Health Council Conference.


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