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The Increase in Food Prices “Costs” More Than We Think

Understanding the food crisis’ effect on nutrition
FAO Food Price Index

This post was written by HKI’s Vice President and Regional Director for Africa, Shawn Baker.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization recently announced that food prices have hit a record high. This new surge in food prices has garnered considerable media attention. From articles in the Guardian to The New York Times, people are discussing the reasons for this increase and the effect it will have on the world’s population. Many even think high food prices have sparked the recent wave of political upheaval across North Africa. However, very little attention has been paid to the far more devastating and pernicious impact that the increase in food prices is having on the general public.


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A Celebration of Food Security

Proper nutrition. Affordable food. Enough to eat. What do these three things have in common? They all define what it means to be food secure. October is Food Security Month at USAID, and I wanted to highlight two ways Helen Keller International is taking action to reduce malnutrition and alleviate global hunger:


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