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Ngo’s Story: Training School Health Workers to Give the Gift of Clear Vision

Photo: c. HKI/USAID

Providing vision screenings for students in Vietnam.  Photo: c. HKI/USAID

“I did not know that both of my kids were suffering from vision problems,” said Ms. Ngo Thi Hoa, a school health worker at the small primary school in Vietnam that her children attend.  Once she noticed that the vision section of the general physical forms provided by her children’s school was left blank, she began to investigate further.   more…

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Clear Vision for a Whole Family


A mother living in Corona, Queens, Rosa has three sons, all of whom wear glasses. With a single pair of glasses easily costing hundreds of dollars, Rosa struggled to provide her children with the vision care that they need — annual eye exams, prescription lenses, and new frames if glasses get lost or broken. more…

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