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Ngo’s Story: Training School Health Workers to Give the Gift of Clear Vision

Photo: c. HKI/USAID

Providing vision screenings for students in Vietnam.  Photo: c. HKI/USAID

“I did not know that both of my kids were suffering from vision problems,” said Ms. Ngo Thi Hoa, a school health worker at the small primary school in Vietnam that her children attend.  Once she noticed that the vision section of the general physical forms provided by her children’s school was left blank, she began to investigate further.   more…

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Education For a Healthy Tomorrow


Neath reads a leaflet on the prevention of intestinal worms in class. Photo: ©HKI-Cambodia

We often take washing our hands and access to safe drinking water for granted, without realizing how critical these simple resources can be in saving the lives of others. Children in Cambodia rely on clean drinking water and hand washing to protect themselves from intestinal worms, which infect more than 70% of the country’s primary school children. more…

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