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Global Handwashing Day

This blog was written by Hannah Taylor, a field intern at HKI Bangladesh.

A health Worker teaches a young child and his mother proper handwashing methods. Photo: c. HKI

Around the world, from large urban centers to tiny rural villages, from the United States to Bangladesh, in schools, homes, community and health centers, people are celebrating Global Handwashing Day! Regularly washing hands with soap before or after critical daily activities which spread germs, like after using the toilet or before eating, can lead to reduced instances of many illnesses such as Neglected Tropical Diseases, like trachoma, or diarrhea and several respiratory diseases.


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The Power of Nutrition: Meet HKI’s Dr. Victoria Quinn

An interview with HKI's Senior Vice President of Programs
Victoria Quinn in Bangladesh

Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat?” In working for Helen Keller International, I’ve come to realize that this simple adage can mean different things to different people. In America, we often say it when we’re talking about losing weight. In developing countries, this simple phrase becomes a powerful reminder of the life and death impact nutrition can have on the lives of millions of people, especially young children. No one understands the importance of nutrition better than Dr. Victoria Quinn, HKI’s Senior Vice President of Programs. I met with Victoria recently to learn more about her background in nutrition and her views on the importance of nutrition on world health.


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How was your day?

Addressing the Gender Gap

Gender inequities occur around the world. In Bangladesh, Helen Keller International conducts community-based training in gender awareness with the beneficiaries in our Homestead Food Production program to address and correct these gender differences. In the char region in the southern part of the country, where the land merges with the ocean, the bay and countless rivers and canals, husbands and wives gather together to discuss the division of labor in their household.


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Diabetes and Your Eyes: Report from Bangladesh

Helen Keller International addresses the growing problem of blindness from diabetes

There are a lot of people in the unlit, rather grimy waiting room at the Diabetes Hospital in Chittagong, Bangladesh. I had read the statistics about the burgeoning numbers of diabetics, but it is a different experience seeing the numbers transformed into persons. Despite a certain level of chaos, patients’ needs are being met – their blood sugar checked, nutrition counseling provided, their feet and legs examined for worrisome pain, numbness or ulcers, etc.


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Myths vs. Reality: Trachoma in Tanzania

A public health intern shares her experience working with Helen Keller International.
Hannah Godlove - Tanzania Intern

The first time I saw a trichiasis surgery to correct blinding trachoma I almost passed out. It was pretty embarrassing to have someone sit me down and bring me a Fanta for my blood sugar after seeing me wobble. It was even worse when that someone was waiting for her own surgery.


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