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In 1998, HKI Europe opened an office in Paris with the dual purpose of raising funds and visibility for Helen Keller International in Europe. HKI and HKIE are affiliated, non-profit non-governmental organizations registered in the U.S. and France respectively and are united in a common mission to prevent blindness and reduce malnutrition.

New Year. Old Wisdom.

The timeless intellect of Helen Keller.
Helen Keller, circa 1950

It is day three of 2011. For many the New Year is a time to make a resolution or re-affirm a previous commitment. For others, it is a time to look inwards and reflect upon choices already made.  It is unquestionably a time filled with the possibility of change and renewal.  During this time of year I find myself thinking about Helen Keller International’s co-founder and namesake, Helen Keller. Growing up I was taught – as most of us were – the remarkable story of how she learned to communicate though deaf and blind.  What I didn’t fully realize until I came to HKI is the full breadth of her life’s accomplishments.


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