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Helen Keller International works in 8 countries in the Asia-Pacific Region, preventing blindness, reducing malnutrition, and improving maternal and child health.

Diabetes and Your Eyes: Report from Bangladesh

Helen Keller International addresses the growing problem of blindness from diabetes

There are a lot of people in the unlit, rather grimy waiting room at the Diabetes Hospital in Chittagong, Bangladesh. I had read the statistics about the burgeoning numbers of diabetics, but it is a different experience seeing the numbers transformed into persons. Despite a certain level of chaos, patients’ needs are being met – their blood sugar checked, nutrition counseling provided, their feet and legs examined for worrisome pain, numbness or ulcers, etc.


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Watch Our Video: New Hope for the Elderly in China

Cataract surgery in southern China restores sight to low-income, elderly residents.

It seems China is everywhere in the news recently. From stories on its booming economy to reports on its massive modernization drive complete with gleaming new hotels and skyscrapers. Despite these great advancements, elderly people living in some of China’s poor, rural areas − where modernization has yet to arrive − are still suffering from a lack of basic eye care. In fact, there is an unacceptably high rate of cataract blindness in these areas, which is all the more discouraging since cataract surgery is a proven solution that can correct this condition.


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