Georgia Students Serve, Lead and Share to Prevent Blindness!

This blog was written by Angela Blankenship, who teaches third grade at St. Luke School.

St. Luke School, Columbus, GA. Photo c: HKI/Angela Blankenship

St. Luke School is a faith-based school in Columbus, Georgia, of about 560 students from kindergarten through eighth grade.  Serve, Lead, Share in mind, body, and spirit was the school’s theme for the 2012-2013 school year.

Through this Serve, Lead, Share focus, each grade level chose an organization to support for one month. It was hard for each grade level to decide which organization they would like to support.  However, it was exciting for the third grade class because St. Luke’s third graders participate in an interdisciplinary unit of study of Helen Keller.

With this connection to their study, they felt strongly about serving Helen Keller International. They led the entire school in learning more about Helen Keller International through student-delivered information from the HKI website and videos about Helen Keller International. They learned so much!  It was amazing to find out how many people suffer from blindness because of malnutrition, and that this is preventable.  It was also amazing to find out how many people benefit from the programs at Helen Keller International.

The students and staff of St. Luke School worked together to share in the third grade’s support of Helen Keller International. Money was collected for the donation in various ways to include weekly chapel change and donating $1 to wear jeans instead of the school uniform, for one day.  A third grade student, whose grandfather is unable to see, donated $100 to Helen Keller International in his honor.  He shared with the student body about his relationship with his grandfather and his grandfather’s daily experiences. Part of St. Luke School’s mission is to develop responsible servant leadership.  The third grade challenged everyone to help raise $1,000. At the end of February 2013, St. Luke School donated over $1,700 to Helen Keller International and has been educated about Helen Keller International’s mission. This was an extremely rewarding experience for all, and St. Luke is glad to be able to contribute in some small way.  Helen Keller herself said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  

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