HKI Vietnam Staff Profile- Linh Doan Duy

Written by Casey McCormick and Michael Wilson, HKI Vietnam interns

This week we will do our first HKI Vietnam staff interview. To really appreciate the projects HKI Vietnam is working on, we thought it would be helpful to better understand the faces, personalities, and characters behind the day-to-day projects.

This week, we will tell you about Linh Doan Duy, a 22 year old student who has been working as an administrative and finance assistant for 2 months with HKI Vietnam. Linh is from Hanoi and says that his favorite part about working for HKI has been the many experiences to learn from the other staff, especially the time management lessons he has gained from Ms. Don Phuong Lam. Linh says that if he could improve one thing about HKI Vietnam it would be to work towards achieving more program funding for the projects because, as he says, “with more funds, we can help a lot more people in my country-both old and young alike.” In Linh’s free time, he enjoys playing soccer and badminton, eating Pho, and watching movies such as Karate Kid and Ironman. Linh has dreams of becoming a manager of a company or organization and hopes to do so in the coming years through acquiring an MBA in Australia or the United States.

I can honestly say that it has been an incredible privilege getting to know Linh in the last two weeks. Linh is a very kind, unselfish, and helpful individual who has taken great care of Casey and I since before we even arrived in Hanoi. I have been so impressed by his desire to learn English and know that he will be successful in whatever career tract he decides to take in the future. I look forward to spending more time with Linh in the coming weeks and hope that one day I can return the favor for someone visiting the United States in the same way Linh has so graciously welcomed us into his home city, Hanoi.

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