TOMS is Helping Give Sight to Children in the U.S.


This post originally appeared on TOMS’ blog.  Helen Keller International is partnering with TOMS to provide prescription eyeglasses to students in need through our ChildSight® program.

As TOMS sight giving continues in Nepal, Tibet and Cambodia, we are very happy to share that TOMS Eyewear purchases are now helping restore sight to children in the United States as well!

TOMS is excited to partner with Helen Keller International’s (HKI) ChildSight® program to help provide prescription glasses to children living in impoverished U.S. communities. Since 1994, ChildSight® has provided vision screening and prescription eyeglasses to at-risk students living in urban and rural communities in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland and the Navajo Nation. TOMS Eyewear is proud to join them in helping provide new glasses to children.

Each year, 2 million children in the United States have undiagnosed or uncorrected vision problems. Without glasses, children with poor vision struggle in school. Amy, a sixth grader in Los Angeles explains, “Sometimes I get dizzy when I look at the board and it is hard to understand the teacher. A lot of times I have to ask the person sitting next to me what the board says. It’s hard to stay focused.”

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Corey Hodes, an optometrist with ChildSight®, shares, “A lot of kids come in and can’t even see the big E on the eye chart. When I put the glasses on them and refine their vision, we are getting them down to the bottom line! Seeing their eyes open up and realize that there are actually letters before them on the chart, I can’t really describe it in words…I just know that from that point forward, this child is going to have more confidence; they are going to have better success in school…and in reaching their full potential.”

We are so grateful for our awesome customers and the amazing work our Sight Giving Partners are doing in Nepal, Cambodia, Tibet and now the United States. We’re looking forward to sharing more sight stories from at home and around the world with the TOMS community in the coming months!

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