Trick or Treat, HKI-style

Happy Halloween

For those of you still scrambling for the perfect Halloween costume, I have a great last-minute suggestion: dress up as your favorite micronutrient! Just because your Halloween candy may not have nutritional value, doesn’t mean your costume can’t.

Below are some costume ideas from HKI staff that embody an essential vitamin or mineral:

  1. Create a Liver Dress (à la Lady Gaga’s meat dress) and you can represent both Vitamin A and Iron since both are bountiful in liver. Vitamin A is essential for vision health and the immune system, and iron is necessary to make hemoglobin, the substance that transports oxygen through your blood cells.
  2. Dress up like the Tin Man with a cape that has the letter “Z” on it. Proclaim you are Super Zinc, bolstering immune systems everywhere and supporting healthy pregnancies far and wide!
  3. Put a new twist on the traditional Skeleton costume by dressing up as just one tooth or your favorite bone. When anyone asks, let them know that you are personifying calcium and celebrating its importance for the health of your bones and teeth, not to mention muscles, hormones, and nerve function.
  4. Make a “Ms. Orange Fleshed-Potato Head” costume that showcases foods rich in Vitamin A. Here’s how you do it:
    • Sweet-Potato body
    • Mango ears
    • Kale eye brows
    • Cooked egg yolk eyes
    • Carrot nose
    • Cantaloupe mouth
    • Collard greens hair
  5. Dress up as the Sun and carry cards with the letter D on them. As you walk around, hand out your “D’s” to passersby to symbolize the Vitamin D we get from sunlight exposure. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked with higher rates of cancer‚ as well as heart disease‚ osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis, so it’s very important we all get our “D’s”!

Happy Halloween!

Have another costume idea?  Share your vitamin or mineral costume idea in the comments box below.

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