Sight & Food: What do They Have in Common?

A week of awareness for vision and nutrition.
World Sight Day Face

What do Sight and Food have to do with one another? Well, for one thing, both have official celebrations this week! Today, October 13th, is World Sight Day, and Sunday, October 16th is World Food Day.

Your ability to see is greatly affected by the nutrients you eat. In fact, Helen Keller International collaborated on the groundbreaking research in the 1970s that first identified that a lack of vitamin A can not only cause blindness, but can also compromise the immune system, which, in turn, increases the risk of death from diseases such as malaria, measles and diarrhea.

It was this work with vitamin A that led us to expand our efforts from solely preventing blindness to also seeking out ways to reduce malnutrition for the most vulnerable among us.

We invite you to celebrate World Sight Day by visiting our Facebook page to “make a smile appear”. Every smile brings underprivileged kids across the U.S. closer to receiving the free eyeglasses they desperately need to succeed in school and life. For every 20 smiles completed, a group of committed supporters will make a donation to our ChildSight® program.

This Sunday at 4pm, on World Food Day itself, HKI is co-sponsoring a free screening of “Hunger in a World of Plenty” at the Union Theological Seminary in NYC. The film addresses why, in a world that has enough resources to feed 12 billion people, nearly one billion people are chronically hungry.  Please visit for more information and to RSVP.

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