A Celebration of Food Security

Proper nutrition. Affordable food. Enough to eat. What do these three things have in common? They all define what it means to be food secure. October is Food Security Month at USAID, and I wanted to highlight two ways Helen Keller International is taking action to reduce malnutrition and alleviate global hunger:

1)    We are active members of the 1,000 Days Campaign:
1,000 days refers to the time from pregnancy through the age of two. It is essential that a child receive suitable nutrition during this window in order to ensure proper physical and mental development. These precious days shape a child’s future. HKI’s Senior Vice President of programs, Victoria Quinn, worked with development agencies and other partners to create a framework for action, Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN), which outlines strategies to improve infant and child nutrition and is the basis of this campaign.

Join HKI and sign this pledge to support the Thousand Days Movement and show your commitment to reducing childhood malnutrition.

2)    We advertise food products fortified with vitamins and minerals:
Take a walk down your local supermarket aisle and you will see countless logos promoting the nutritional value of certain products –Best Life, Certified Organic, Heart Healthy.   In West Africa, HKI is taking a similar approach to promote fortified food products as part of our regional initiative to work with the private sector to fortify food products such as oil and wheat flour with essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, iron and folic acid. The bright and distinctive ENRICHI logo (French for “enriched”) is a stamp of approval on product labels that indicates the food’s increased nutritional value.

The logo is also the star of a multi-faceted marketing campaign including a media caravan through several countries, billboards, promotional tee shirts, and my personal favorite, television commercials.  Check out this 30 second TV commercial (in French) featuring our friend ENRICHI:

You can read more about how Helen Keller International works to reduce malnutrition and increase food security on our website. Whether promoting low-cost interventions to enhance the vitamin and mineral content of staple foods, helping women grow gardens full of nutritious vegetables for their families, or encouraging farmers to cultivate more nutritious varieties of orange-fleshed sweet potatoes, every month is Food Security Month at HKI.

Test your knowledge! How much do you really know about food security?  Find out by taking this engaging quiz created by Save the Children.

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