How We Work

How We Work

There are simple, low-cost and proven solutions for preventing the world’s most devastating causes of blindness and malnutrition. Helen Keller International delivers these solutions through our programs, all of which are rooted in our Core Values.


HKI designs programs that continue far beyond our involvement. A hallmark of HKI's work is our commitment to adapting our programs and strategies depending on the needs and realities of each community. This creates systemic, sustainable change that allows the communities in which we work to achieve their fullest potential.

Evidence based

HKI builds programs based on state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and local situational analyses, relying on ongoing program evaluation to maximize our impact. 

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Creativity, determination, the drive to do better, and the courage to take risks enable HKI to solve current challenges and prepare for future program needs. We venture into new areas, embrace new ideas, seize opportunities and undertake new partnerships as we seek to discover and implement solutions.


All people are of equal value, and the celebration of our differences bring us tremendous strength. Everyone — from the people we serve to those on our staff — deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.


Partnerships are fundamental to how we work. We partner with hundreds of organizations, government ministries, international NGOs, school districts and more – the array of partnerships is as diverse as the circumstances that compel us to join forces.