About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to save the sight and lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. We combat the causes and consequences of blindness and malnutrition by establishing programs based on evidence and research in vision, health and nutrition.

Our Vision

We envision a world where…

  • No one suffers from preventable or treatable blindness or low vision;
  • No one suffers from under-nutrition; and
  • Fewer people suffer loss of their productive years due to disability and premature death.

To accomplish this, HKI builds the capacity of local governmental, civil society and private sector systems and infrastructure, and promotes the development of sustained, large scale programs that deliver effective preventative and curative eye health and nutrition services.  These services are integrated into ongoing programs and initiatives, and are delivered in cost-effective and practical ways that take into account actual community health needs and local realities.  Their design is firmly rooted in scientific evidence.

Our trustees get involved not only around the meeting table, but in the field as well. 

Below is a slideshow featuring pictures of board members visiting HKI programs around the world.


  • Ganz PhotoKate Ganz in Mozambique being welcomed by a participant in our OFSP project.
  • Buda PhotoMary Burton (L) and Jennifer Buda (R) in Bangladesh.
  • Henry Barkhorn observing cataract surgery in Tanzania.
  • Mary Crawford in Cameroon.
  • David Glassman (standing right) in Nepal participating in a Vitamin A follow-up survey.
  • Kate Ganz and Anne Coleman in observing Cataract surgery in Tanzania.
  • Jennifer Buda in Sierra Leone.
  • Board members at the HKI Tanzania office.
  • Henry Barkhorn at a reception for HKI Board members in Tanzania.
  • Board members visit HKI's Homestead Food Production program in Nepal.
  • Mary Burton in Bangladesh.
  • Kate Ganz with school children in Tanzania.
  • HKI Board members in Nepal.
  • Jennifer Buda at St. John's school in Sierra Leone.
  • Mary Crawford greets a little girl in Cameroon.